June 5, 2006

Graphics Dump!

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I'm constantly stumbling upon weird, random images that I always intend to use in posts, but I never seem to find the right opportunity.  So now, just to get them off my desktop:







Manuel Uribe.jpg

dancing heroes.gif


Man overboard.

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MIAMI (May 31) - A Florida man drowned after jumping onto an inflatable raft and paddling out to the middle of a lake to try to retrieve a stalled, radio-controlled toy boat, police said Tuesday.

Toy boatAnother toy boat punctured the raft, causing it to deflate rapidly, and the 31-year-old victim could not swim, Miami-Dade Police said.

The accident occurred Monday evening at a park northwest of Miami where the victim and several friends were racing the remote-controlled boats.

"I think it was all purely accidental. It's a fluke," said Detective Joanne Duncan.

Alex Says:  Three cheers to the guy who was driving the OTHER boat, 'cuz you know he rammed the raft intentionally.

And what's up with this fool charging out into the water when he couldn't swim?  Must've been really, really attached to that toy boat.

I give her six months.

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(Reuters)  Addressing the annual convention of CBS affiliates, [Katie] Couric predicted that the "pretentious era" of the evening-news anchor is going to be a thing of the past.


"The audience is more sophisticated than we give them credit for — they don't want a mechanical Ted Baxter," said Couric, whose last day as co-anchor of NBC's "Today" was Wednesday. "I'm a serious, caring, compassionate person. I hope that comes out. … People want a multidimensional (news anchor) and not someone they can put in a box."

Alex Says:  Well, praise Allah, we're Katie Couric is a dumbass.saved.  No more "pretentious" news, now that the bubbly chick from The Today Show has arrived to save us.  I hope the zombie that is Walter Cronkite kicks that bitch in the teeth.

And just to emphasize the irony in her stupid-ass comment: The dictionary definition of pretentious is "claiming or demanding a position of distinction or merit, especially when unjustified."

Isn't Katie "claiming a position of distinction" with her self-assigned adjectives of "serious, caring, and compassionate?"  I don't think she's serious.  I have no reason to think she's caring or compassionate.  I think she's a self-congratulatory weather girl who has "her serious face" when she needs it.

Peter Jennings carried a suitcase of books with him everywhere he traveled because he loved to read & learn as much as he could.  Anyone think Katie's doing that?  She's calling EDUCATED news anchors "pretentious" because she's a dumbshit.

Now I'm mad.