May 23, 2006

Screw yer polls. How ’bout THIS?

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(NY Times) - An audio version of the roast of President Bush by Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central rose to the rank of No. 1 album at Apple's iTunes store on Saturday, three weeks to the night of the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Alex Says:  I find that to be remarkable.  And strangely affirming.

April 14, 2006

The Weird Bush Photo of the Week

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April 3, 2006

The Weird Bush Photo of the Week

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George W. Bush and His Mouth
March 24, 2006

It’s all so… stupid…

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Alex Says:  I subscribe to every GOP email list I can, because I love the constant rage those messages provide.  Reminds me that I'm ALIVE.  And, of course, sane.

Ken Mehlman, demonic chairman of the Republican National CommitteeAllow me to quote from a March 23rd mass email from, attributed to Ken Mehlman:

"The Democrats' plan for 2006? Take the House and Senate, and impeach the President. With our nation at war, is this the kind of Congress you want? If your answer is a resounding NO, I need you to make an urgent contribution to help us win this fight."

My God, if only that WAS the Democrats' plan, they might actually take both houses.  Is this really a logical strategy for the Republicans to be taking when Bush's poll numbers are plummeting?  I'm told it's their attempt to look unified; I'd stick with gay-bashing, because rallying behind an extremely unpopular president is not a good plan.

And, I might add, the whole point is that Bush knowingly broke the law.  That's where the "impeachment" part comes from, 'ya see.  When ya' break the LAW, you face the consequences.  That's how it works (If he can speak like a condescending Sunday school teacher, I can too).

More from the email:

"Democrat leaders' talk of censure and Russ Feingoldimpeachment isn't about the law or the President doing anything wrong. It's about the fact that Democrat leaders don't want America to fight the War on Terror with every tool in our arsenal."

That's just so… fucking… stupid.  If that even seems like a reasonable statement to you–if you think that all Democrats, which make up roughly half the country, are demanding that we half-ass our homeland security "just to show we can"–then you are a goddamned idiot.

The email again:

"And what happens if we stand on the sidelines, and give the likes of Russ Feingold, John Kerry, and John Conyers control of Congress?"

Umm… a better… country?  Oversight?  Checks and balances?  Salvation?

The Weird Bush Photo of the Week

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George W. Bush, Mr. & Mrs. Larry King
March 23, 2006

But in hindsight, it’s funny!

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Lucky the Leprechaun
(Reuters) DUBLIN, Ireland - Sinn Fein accused the Bush administration Monday of needlessly harassing officials of the IRA-linked party at airports in the United States, where party leader Gerry Adams was detained last week because he is on the U.S. "watch list."

Adams and his longtime aide, Richard McAuley, were delayed Friday from traveling to Buffalo, N.Y., for a meeting just hours after both Sinn Fein officials were guests of President Bush in the White House for St. Patrick's Day. They missed the flight - and still were missing two suitcases when they returned Monday to Ireland.

Alex Says:  Gee, who DIDN'T see this coming?  White House spokesperson Scott McClellan addressed the issue succinctly: "Neener!"

March 17, 2006

Thank God for lemon laws.

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From our friends at

The president was pitching the Medicare prescription drug plan at an event in Maryland Wednesday when someone in the audience asked him a question about the different rates hospitals charge for patients with or without insurance.

untitled.bmpBush started strong. "This guy has got a great question," he said, "because, really, what he's talking about is transparency in pricing." But then the president tried to move into the world of metaphor, and the wheels started coming off pretty quickly. "When you go buy a car, you know exactly what they're going to charge you," Bush said. The comment drew laughs from seniors in the audience who've apparently spent more time at car dealerships than their commander-in-chief. "Well, sometimes you don't know," Bush said. The seniors laughed some more. "Well, you negotiate with them," Bush said. More laughs. "Well, " Bush said, "they put something on the window that says price."

"His point is, is that the more you know about price, the better you can make better decisions, and I appreciate that," Bush said. "Listen, you're paying me a lot of money to work, and so I think I'm going to have to head back home. But I'm honored. Got any more questions, I'll be glad to answer them."