May 23, 2006

The future is coming… and it has some mighty fancy ringtones.

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From an "American Family Association Action Alert!" email:

A liberal activist judge has struck down a constitutional amendment in Georgia which made homosexual marriage illegal! She felt that she knew better than the voters how they should vote and threw out their ballots.

The homosexuals are determined to win this battle. They know they will never win if the people have an opportunity to vote. So they are turning to liberal activist judges to force their will on the people. They intend to force homosexual marriage down the throats of Americans.

Donald WildmonAlex Says:  I signed up for the AFA emails just to study The Enemy.  I never would've imagined how often they use the violent sodomitic phrase "shove down the throat."  Mind out of the gutter, people.

It's also worth noting how badly the AFA emails are written.  The sentence structure is childish.  Short staccato sentences.  Driving points home.  They hope.  Just like this.

The good news is that Mr. Wildmon (Donald E. Wildmon, "founder and chairman," pictured) is incorrect:  The juggernaut known as The Millenium Babies is about to roll over him.  Any and all polling of the 72 million kids born between 1985 and 2000 shows that they really don't seem to have a problem with gay marriage.  Whether it's because of apathy (why do breeders GIVE a shit?) or common sense (why DO breeders give a shit?) doesn't matter–it's MATH.  Wait a few years, and Fag-Hating Codger will be dead.  His grandson, Ike the Leather Daddy, will be voting instead.

Our Day Will Come.  And when it does, my wedding cake will be in the shape of Mr. Wildmon, so he'll have to watch his worst fears come true.  Then all my gay friends will slice into him and eat his cake-like flesh… with a dab of Liberty Icing. 

Little dab, though.  Don't wanna get fat.

May 18, 2006

What happened to the good memorials?

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(AFP) Vienna authorities announced plans Monday to erect a pink memorial next year to commemorate homosexuals persecuted by the Nazis during World War II.

The planned memorial at the city centre's Morzinplatz will consist of a sculpture and a shallow pool filled with pink-coloured water, its creator Hans Kupelwieser said Monday at the presentation of the €310 000 ($400 000) project.

Alex Says:  Gee, but will people know it's for gays?

The article doesn't say what the sculpture will actually depict.  I vote for Paul Lynde.

In related news, have you guys heard about these steps left over from the World Trade Center?  There was a stairwell leading down from the plaza that saved hundreds of lives, and now they're going to either knock it down or try to RELOCATE this very delicate landmark, rather than just incorporate it into the memorial design.

Good plan.  Yeah, you wouldn't want to mess up that big fuckin' pit with waterfalls dumping into it.  That's much more meaningful than the STAIRWELL THAT ACTUALLY SAVED PEOPLE.

Oh, and that World War II Memorial in D.C. looks like something from the '36 Berlin Olympics.  Way to think that one through, guys.

World War II Memorial

Do these pantswa make me look fatwa?

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AyatollahFrom the last Gay & Lesbian Leadership SmartBrief:  "Iraqi Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has agreed to remove from his Web site a fatwa calling for the killing of gay men in the 'worst, most severe way possible,' but has refused to stop a similar call for punishment of lesbians."

Alex Says:  Well goddamn.  Ali-Ali-Oxen-Free isn't kidding around.  Peculiar, though, that he'd want harsher treatment of lesbians than those nasty HomoFags–I think somebody has "issues."  I'm lookin' at you, Ayatollah of Cum'n'Cola.

From the same SmartBrief:

"Sigma Phi Beta's national board of directors has voted to allow transgender members who identify as male to seek membership."

Alex Says:  "Dude!  We can drink with him, then fuck her!  It's a win-win!"




April 15, 2006

Italian sausage. Or, sausage-less. Or… uhh…

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vladimir.gifGay & Lesbian Leadership SmartBrief - The victories of five LGBT candidates in this week's Italian elections have contributed to Prime Minister-designate Romano Prodi's win over incumbent Silvio Berlusconi. Cabaret performer Vladimir Luxuria, for example, is believed to be the first transsexual elected to a European parliament.

Alex Says:  In related news, Pope Benedict has now declared war on Italy.

What do they mean, "BELIEVED to be" the first transsexual elected?  Either there's some very bad record-keeping going on, or else the jury's still out on whether Vladimir is a transsexual.

Regardless, it's nice to see Italy come back to the fold.  Now if Canada would just rise up against Stephen Harper…

April 5, 2006

Sadly, this is Reason #508 he’d never have a chance at winning. Even in a primary.

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Senator and 2008 Presidential hopeful Russ Feingold issued a statement today in favor of equal marriage rights for gay couples:

    "…Gay and lesbian couples should be able to marry and have access to the same rights, privileges and benefits that straight couples currently enjoy…Denying people this basic American right is the kind of discrimination that has no place in our laws."

Alex Says:  Wow!  Well done, Senator.  You probably just threw away your re-election and will pathetically try to flip-flop later, but for now, you're Our Boy.