April 15, 2006

Italian sausage. Or, sausage-less. Or… uhh…

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vladimir.gifGay & Lesbian Leadership SmartBrief - The victories of five LGBT candidates in this week's Italian elections have contributed to Prime Minister-designate Romano Prodi's win over incumbent Silvio Berlusconi. Cabaret performer Vladimir Luxuria, for example, is believed to be the first transsexual elected to a European parliament.

Alex Says:  In related news, Pope Benedict has now declared war on Italy.

What do they mean, "BELIEVED to be" the first transsexual elected?  Either there's some very bad record-keeping going on, or else the jury's still out on whether Vladimir is a transsexual.

Regardless, it's nice to see Italy come back to the fold.  Now if Canada would just rise up against Stephen Harper…

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