April 3, 2006

Tithing in Agony

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Dirty Priest(AP) WASHINGTON - New figures released Thursday by the nation's Roman Catholic bishops show the unrelenting toll of the clergy sex abuse crisis: 783 new credible claims last year, most of which date back decades, and costs of nearly $467 million.

While researchers who analyzed 50 years of data on molestation claims concluded the number of new cases is declining, the church is still paying a heavy price for predatory clergy.

The abuse problem was already known to have cost dioceses more than $1 billion since 1950, including some expenses paid last year. Still, Teresa Kettelkamp, director of the bishops' Office of Child and Youth Protection, said the total abuse-related expenses shelled out in 2005 were likely the largest ever for a single year.

The total number of accusations against Catholic clergy now stands at more than 12,000 since 1950.

Alex Says:  So, if you're still going to Sunday Mass and giving the Church some of your hard-earned dollars, know that your money is likely going to the hands of children that were sexually abused by your priests.  Which, honestly, is how I'd prefer it.  If you're stubborn enough to stand by the Church in the face of priests with roaming hands (proof that abstinence isn't the best plan) and a Pope with medieval ideas, then you deserve everything you get.  Amen.

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