March 30, 2006

Taxidermy sucks.

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A badly-written summary of the life of Sgt. Stubby, reprinted from

Sgt Stubby, Dog MummySTUBBY, Bull Terrier mix, WWI. The most decorated war dog in U.S. history. As a small, stray bull terrier, he was smuggled aboard a troop ship to France. There he was wounded in no-man's land but recovered and still served in battles at Chateau Thierry, the Marne and the Meuse-Argonne with the men of the 102nd Infantry. One night in February 1918, he roused a sleeping sergeant to warn of a gas attack, giving the soldiers time to don masks and thus saving them. Gen John "Black Jack" Pershing awarded him a special Gold Medal. He was given Life Membership in the American Legion and the Red Cross. He met Presidents Wilson, Harding, and Coolidge. He died of old age in 1926. Stubby is now on display as part of American military history in the Hartford Armory in Connecticut and is called "Sergeant Stubby".

Alex Says:  As a pit bull fan and animal lover in general, I find this story charming… until you get to the part where they mummified poor Stubby.  I found pictures online of Stuffed Stubby, and it's just depressing.  I'll spare you.

And why are we preserving his corpse, exactly?  He's not like a dinosaur–we have plenty of PHOTOS of Stubby.  There might even be films.  Bury that poor bastard!

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