March 30, 2006

Kiss & Make-Up. Lots of make-up.

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(IMDb News) - Desperate Housewives Ryan Seacrest tongue-probing supercentenarian Teri Hatcherstar Teri Hatcher and American Idol host Ryan Seacrest have been photographed kissing after a cozy lunch in Malibu, California.

Alex Says:  Umm… ewwww?  She's only ten years his senior, but looks far, far older.  It's the neck and all that weird sinewy stuff.  Learn from Robert Wagner, Teri:  Wear turtlenecks.

Robert Wagner:  Turtleneck ManIncidentally, the same IMDb News report has this zinger:  "TV stars Matthew Perry and Kristin Davis are Hollywood's new 'it' couple, according to new reports. "

Um, no.  No they're not.  Both are, what's the word… "unemployed?"  "Forgotten?"  "Really hip newsmakers, circa 2001?"

In looking for the picture of R.J. in the turtleneck, I found this much funnier picture; perhaps it's time to start playing Wagner in my celebrity dead pool:

Robert Wagner looking confused

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