March 24, 2006

The loaves & the fishes, via semi.

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(AP) KINGDOM CITY, Mo. — The billboards out the window in this part of central Missouri advertise rock-bottom prices on adult videos and getaways to the Ozark Mountains. But at the truck stop just off Interstate 70, Chaplain Bob Holt is making another kind of promise to weary truckers: salvation.

For eight years, Holt has led daily services from a converted trailer parked in a truck stop — a place he sees as filled with temptation. And on Thursday, he and fellow missionaries at nearly 100 travel plaza chapels across the country will hold a morning fellowship meeting to celebrate their calling on the seventh annual National Day of Prayer for Truckers.

Truckers for Jesus logo"The devil's trying to keep them from coming in here," said Holt, standing in his modest trailer. 

Holt's sessions start each night at 7 p.m. inside the single-wide trailer, decorated with an airbrushed passage that reads "Jesus said: Come to me all you truckers who are weary and heavy loaded and I will give you rest."

Alex Says:  Is this really what truckers want?  Wouldn't a shower and some sleep be more rewarding?  Can you just send in your prayers via CB?  "Breaker breaker, this is Roscoe hollerin' at the Lord."

And Missouri is just kidding itself if it thinks those adult bookstores are just for truckers.  The local gentry may be at church on Sunday, but I can assure you those dirty old men are in the sex shops on their lunch breaks. 

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