May 18, 2006

What happened to the good memorials?

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(AFP) Vienna authorities announced plans Monday to erect a pink memorial next year to commemorate homosexuals persecuted by the Nazis during World War II.

The planned memorial at the city centre's Morzinplatz will consist of a sculpture and a shallow pool filled with pink-coloured water, its creator Hans Kupelwieser said Monday at the presentation of the €310 000 ($400 000) project.

Alex Says:  Gee, but will people know it's for gays?

The article doesn't say what the sculpture will actually depict.  I vote for Paul Lynde.

In related news, have you guys heard about these steps left over from the World Trade Center?  There was a stairwell leading down from the plaza that saved hundreds of lives, and now they're going to either knock it down or try to RELOCATE this very delicate landmark, rather than just incorporate it into the memorial design.

Good plan.  Yeah, you wouldn't want to mess up that big fuckin' pit with waterfalls dumping into it.  That's much more meaningful than the STAIRWELL THAT ACTUALLY SAVED PEOPLE.

Oh, and that World War II Memorial in D.C. looks like something from the '36 Berlin Olympics.  Way to think that one through, guys.

World War II Memorial

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