May 1, 2006

Ray of Goddamn Sunshine

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Rachel RayFrom an AP article about Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People:

Wildly popular U.S. cooking show host Rachael Ray has inspired working people to "eschew the trap of fast-food facility and truly cook — even the easy fast stuff — at home."

Alex Says:  Apocalypse, party of one?

This is a woman who has a show to see it it's humanly possible for her to eat on a mere forty U.S. dollars a day.  The majority of the world LIVES on two dollars a day, and this American icon of gluttony CHALLENGES herself to get by on forty.  "WILL SHE MAKE IT?  OH GOD I HOPE SO!"

The only thing Rachel Ray inspires me to do is smile less.

But, speaking of Food Network… what's up with Guy winning the Food Network Star competition?  Apocalypse, party of two?

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