Never before in the history of Man has so much knowledge been concentrated into one location.  From The Great Library of Alexandria to our own Library of Congress, we have long strived for a single congregation of all human knowledge.

That quest is now fullfilled by Mr. Robert Wuhl.

From his sage-like performance in The wuhl_l.jpgHollywood Knights to his mythical  portrayal of "Oscar Host" in The Bodyguard, Robert Wuhl embodies the course of our evolution.  Once we, too, were inept apish buffoons, staggering our way through an unforgiving world.  Through a combination of hard work and several aeons of cranial development, we–and by we, I mean Robert Wuhl–blossomed into a wisecracking, cigar-chomping joke writer for that repository of all knowledge, Rodney Dangefield. 

And then, as was cosmically inevitable, through his sheer willpower Wuhl/Man exploded into the ubermensch, writing and starring in HBO's Arli$$ as a wisecracking, cigar-smoking sports agent.

This site can only attempt to chronicle what is, was, and shall be the Greatest of All Men.  This is His story.